Recruiting with Heart and Mind!

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At ECOMMBX, our recruitment policy is very well defined, as we know exactly what we are looking for – and character ranks at the top of the list.

That’s because we see ourselves as a family of professionals who share the same values, ethos, drive and commitment, all laced with a passion to succeed. And since skills are important, of course, we hire character and develop the necessary capabilities that will optimise each individual’s performance. From day one, we provide opportunities that allow our team members to develop professional expertise and reach their full potential. ECOMMBX is where people and the company grow hand in hand.

An ongoing and targeted process

Our selective and well-targeted recruitment process is ongoing via a number of recruitment channels and approaches to attract talent. Above all, we rely on internal referrals, as our people are fully familiar with our corporate culture and modus operandi. They are ideally positioned to recognise like-minded individuals who will fit in and contribute to the ECOMMBX vision. As Simon Sinek says, “If you hire people just because they can do a job, they’ll work for your money. But if you hire people who believe what you believe, they’ll work for you with blood, sweat, and tears.”

Even during the years of the pandemic, our recruitment and training programmes were not interrupted. On the contrary, they increased substantially through online interviews and trainings. Such online communication options have now been adopted in our standard selection and training processes, to be used whenever appropriate or necessary.

A culture of flexibility and balance

The pandemic has also made us more flexible in other ways. For example, in addition to the company’s flexible starting time, the Work from Home scheme, which was successfully implemented at the time, is now still an option upon request for those who, for personal reasons, feel more comfortable working from home for a number of days. In addition, working on rotation was an equally effective and well-received scheme for team members who had to be present in the office due to the nature of their work and conducted virtual meetings with customers and colleagues.

Work-life balance is an intrinsic part of our corporate culture. What sets us apart from the rest are the selfless relationships that we develop with each other which allow us to act as one big family: caring about each other, standing side by side and lifting each other during hard times and happy times, both on a personal and on a professional level.

Fun and powerful incentives

Our ECOMMCAFE and fun area on the premises are helpful in so many direct and indirect ways. They give us daily opportunities to communicate with each other in a relaxed and casual environment which promotes a team spirit, improves productivity and contributes to mental health. The arcade games, foosball, billiard table and café area on the ground floor are ideal for stress relief. That’s why we encourage our members to take short breaks, to network and chat while playing or having a coffee, developing inter-departmental relationships which also lead to a boost in morale. Within minutes they are able to get back to work with renewed focus and energy.

We are also proud to be the first company in Cyprus to successfully implement a 4-day work schedule all year round, offering our members even more flexibility and maximum freedom to spend their free time as they wish. The result has been remarkable; the 4-day schedule has further boosted employee wellbeing, increased productivity and performance, reduced absences, and driven turnover down to almost nil.

A great place to work

People at ECOMMBX are not treated as performance percentages; they are respected as individuals who have families and dependants, struggles, dreams and ambitions. Therefore, our culture is genuinely humane, primarily investing in the wellbeing of our members and subsequently in the further development of their skillsets. We deliberately cultivate an environment where people love what they do, take pride in their work and are therefore eager to achieve our common goals. This reflects on their personal life as well and contributes to contentment both at work and at home. This is ECOMMBANX. A great place to work. A great place to grow.

Katiana Moussa, Human Resources Manager




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