International acquiring

Accept card payments anywhere in the world


Your customers can pay for their orders online through your own website using their choice of VISA/MASTERCARD or Alternative Payment Methods.

Choose from 100+ payment methods, including e-wallets, mobile, Open Banking and more and receive complimentary consultation to assist in setting up region-specific entities and a tailored portfolio of payment methods to match your needs.

Keep costs low, reduce time to market, and increase payment success rates.

Export data into integrated billing systems with fast and efficient e-invoicing that includes payment links, statuses and financial analytics.

Flexible limits and anti-fraud capabilities with dynamic settings management. Segment user credentials into a whitelisted and blacklisted database for your maximum security. Enjoy expert chargeback management, with real time updates and enhanced authentication experience with 3DS 2.0.

Key features

Claim your fair share of the global online market!

E-commerce is the biggest shopping mall in the world – and around the world – and you really should book your space in it! As proud members of Visa and Mastercard, ECOMMBX is your number one worldwide payment service provider and direct acquirer.

Issue fast, seamless and efficient payouts


Expand your market reach with Open Banking

Flexible experience across all environments


Join the future...

All your international e-money and e-account services are now at your fingertips, for easier, faster and smoother digital banking… anytime, anywhere!

Available for iOS and Android.