Global e-banking and fintech company ECOMMBX celebrates 1st year anniversary


ECOMMBX marks its first-year anniversary with a celebratory gathering at its Nicosia headquarters.

Michael C.G. Charalambides, CEO/MD of ECOMMBX emphasized: “It might be our first year anniversary, but it’s not our first in the industry! Our company and team encompasses experienced professionals, with a long established banking background, but still a youthful eye into the future!”

“Here at ECOMMBANX, we have created a platform that will materialize and establish the e-money industry following the most stringent of AML and compliance protocols and directives, while allowing innovative fintech companies to grow rather than marginalize them,” he adds.

ECOMMBX Ltd has obtained a full active license from the Central Bank of Cyprus in September 2017, as an Electronic Money Institution with License No. to provide services within the relevant Law (No. 86(I) of 2004) and the corresponding Directive (2009/110/EC) of the European Parliament and the European Council.

“Unlike the competition, we ensure that our partner banking institutions and corporate clients are compatible in all services we crosspollinate. Our platform is deeply integrated with other companies of our group, allowing low cost cross currency conversations at a speed and price of paramount quality, unique IBANs to securely transact across the SEPA zone and banking correspondence to allow SWIFT payments of the e-money that will be paid out from our system,” comments Mr. Charalambides.

“It has been an exciting year of firsts, and we look forward to many more years of strong, reputable and solid growth, with our moral compasses pointing towards the contribution to the industry and not just the profits of our company,” he said.

With a strong team of 20, and a senior management with deep roots into the policy-making and banking industry, headquartered at a Single Operations Unit in Nicosia. The company chose the capital of Cyprus because of its reputation as one of the fastest-growing business destinations for international financial services and fintech companies.

ECOMMBX’s fintech challenges and improves on traditional e-banking, with adaptations scaling up from interactivity all the way to artificial intelligence offering as an alternative e-accounts for issuing, distributing and redemption of e-money. The secure e-account access environment features a single master e-account built for speed, innovative user friendly environment, deep transactional analytics while aiming to establish secure API connectivity to the international banking network using powerful security measures, and strict AML/ compliance protocols in order to protect both its customer and business partners.


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