ECOMMBX celebrates its 5th birthday

Ecommbx - 5th Birthday

On 22 September, ECOMMBX, a progressive Electronic Money Institution in Cyprus, celebrated its 5th year in business. The high-energy party turned ECOMMBX’s city centre premises into a hot spot where the company’s team, associates, partners, and friends commemorated the occasion with the fanfare of live music and lavish catering.

The evening presented a story of pride and passion, as ECOMMBX’s latest achievements were highlighted. One of the most important strategic milestones was without a doubt ECOMMBX’s recent release of the ECOMMVERSE: its revamped digital banking platform. This new platform now empowers the company to play on the ever-developing banking universe, on equal terms. Added features include, enhanced global routing mechanism with access to local payment rails FEDwire, Indian Rubbles, UK Faster Payments, SEPA, and additional Swift enablement for instant payments, ECOMMBX now offers its customers optimized payment options for their international transactions, making cross-border payments from Cyprus smoother and faster than ever before, while providing fast and competitive currency conversions, an embedded add-on for all payment types.

Alongside the technological advances, the launch of VISA cards for personal and business use, including the prestigious VISA Infinite card with exclusive services for VIP customers, will be extended to the public before the end of the year.

The celebration culminated with the unveiling of ECOMMBX’s new signature: a 3m high, gold-plated Pegasus sculpture standing proud just outside the company’s entrance. This landing of a giant Pegasus was chosen to symbolize ECOMMBX’s vision of great things that are already happening in Cyprus and many more to come, as their quest for innovation in the service of the industry will never end.

As ECOMMBX CEO & MD, Michael C.G. Charalambides, said: “This is an important milestone for our organization, but success does not end here! Our objective is to keep swimming upstream as a company has to keep its pace.”


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