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ECOMMBX - Delivering Customer Service Excellence

Delivering customer service excellence is not just a business strategy. It is a mindset that defines the success of any Fintech driven organization, whether EMI, Bank, and or any other Payment Service Provider. By understanding the unique needs of your customers, openly embracing innovative technologies, and adhering to regulatory standards, one can differentiate themselves and thrive in this highly competitive market.

In the article titled “Delivering Customer Service Excellence: The Key to Success for EMIs”, printed on Gold Magazine, digital copy, members of our Customer Service Unit (CSU) gave their insights on this very intriguing and demanding subject area, “Customer Satisfaction” as a result of customer service excellence.

Here is a summary of the key remarks from each rep:

Understanding the Fintech landscape in Cyprus

“The first word that comes to mind when trying to describe our industry is ‘Competitive’. I love how diverse and varied a sector such as ours is. Whether it’s fintech or banking, trading or fiduciary; this is a sector that thrives on solutions more than anything else. If a customer needs something, we find a way. We are what we do! ‘A platform to rule them all’. It’s in our culture, it’s in our blood.”

Annie Kaplanian, CSU Manager, ECOMMBX

The importance of customer service excellence

“The customer has an important value for us and that’s why we try in the best way possible, to have a friendly relationship. We offer our customers fast and easy access to their accounts, either from web or mobile app, from where they can make their transactions easily and quickly. Excellence is not a destination; it’s a continuous journey, so we take into consideration our customer’s needs, and we are trying to find the best possible solution to serve them.”

Elena Theocharous, CSU Manager, ECOMMBX

Implementing effective customer service strategies

“Our commitment to understanding and meeting the unique needs of each customer sets us apart as a leading EMI in Cyprus. At ECOMMBX, we prioritize building long-term relationships with our customers by delivering personalized, efficient, and reliable customer service. The unwavering dedication of our customer service team sets a benchmark for excellence, delivering swift and effective solutions, while trying to exceed expectations with any interaction.”

Vasilis Ioannou, CSU Junior Director, ECOMMBX

Regulatory compliance and customer service

“Good customer service is the most important obligation a financial institution has against its clients. We firmly believe that efficient customer service will develop a good public image for the company, minimize complaints and increase business prosperity. A satisfied customer is like a walking advertisement for the company. That is why we at ECOMMBX, take pride in being available for our clients 24/7, every day of the week.”

Constantinos Ioannou, CSU Manager, ECOMMBX


As architects of our own future, we harness the power of technology to craft experiences that transcend the ordinary. Our arsenal boasts a newly launched and innovative banking platform, our intuitive and user-friendly mobile application, and an online-only account application procedure for both personal customers and legal entities, that offer immersive experiences and redefine the boundaries of possibility. Yet, amidst the digital revolution, the human touch remains our guiding light, infusing every interaction with warmth, authenticity, and love.



| GOLD Magazine

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