Frequently asked questions

You can choose both. If you choose “E-TAN” you will need to enter username and password and you will be sent an OTP (One Time Password). If you choose “Signer” you will need to download our Biometrics app (ECBX Biometrics) and use biometrics each time you log in.

The activation process for a new user has a two-hour expiration. To activate a new user, you need to ensure that: 

  1. You are using the email and SMS we have sent to you. (In case you are re-activating a user you need to ensure that you are using the latest email and SMS sent to you)
  2. You enter the activation code
  3. When creating your password, you meet the below requirements: 
  • 2 Capital Letters
  • 2 Small Letters
  • 2 Numbers (more than two identical numbers will not be accepted) 
  • 2 Symbols

This error message can mean one of the following:

  1. The activation has expired, and you need to contact the Customer Service Unit at csu@ecommbx.con 
  2. A field is being entered incorrectly
  3. The password requirements are not met
  4. The activation code has been edited – It should remain the unique number generated from the activation link provided and should not be changed
  5. The activation code was entered incorrectly
  6. You are not using the new email and the new SMS provided to you.

To view executed transactions, you will need to select the IBAN that you used to execute the transactions through internet banking.

You can download your account statements by choosing ‘’Export Statement” in internet banking.