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ECOMMBX was proudly established in the Republic of Cyprus in 2016. The Company is fully authorized by the Central Bank of Cyprus as an Electronic Money Institution with License No. to provide services within the relevant Law. Our network connects the best of the global banking industry with technology of the highest quality, stringent security and speed. We tailor our network for the highest levels of ease-of- use and convenience. In today’s progressive, fast-paced banking environment, every stakeholder requires transactional efficiency of the highest standard. The ECOMMBANX platform has seamless, built-in capabilities giving every business the opportunity to benefit from multinational inter-bank transactions in most major currencies, all from one account.
Issued the license
Activated the license
Integrated with SWIFT Alliance
On-boarded with first B2B Customer
Integrated with SEPA
First Ever approval by CBS as AISP
Became Members of the FinTech FinCrime Exchange Acquiring and Issuing
Integrated of Bacs/Chaps/FP domestic transaction in UK