It's Happening!

The new ECOMMVERSE is here!
The new ECOMMBX internet banking cosmos is ready to be unveiled, marking yet another important milestone in the company’s dynamic history. 

The new platform, which was developed in the record time of less than a year, thanks to the team’s drive, enthusiasm and dedication, was driven by two key factors: First, ECOMMBX’s underlying commitment to innovation in the interest of its customers, and second, access to new developments in technology which enabled us to further upgrade the functionality of internet banking. 

What’s new?
The first change you will notice is the most visible one: the all-new interface! Within moments of logging in, you will be greeted by a more aesthetic and streamlined look. Any possible or subliminal apprehension you might have will soon evaporate as you intuitively explore and quickly find your way around to all the information, records and functions you are familiar with – and more.


A series of new functionalities, drawn from customer feedback over the last few years, is designed to make business easier, quicker, and better. The most fundamental change is actually the least obvious as it relates to the payment authorization process. Running like clockwork in the background, it delivers instant authorizations to facilitate the execution of your payments. Automated payment routes further accelerate the process, while giving you better visibility over your accounts. 

Another important new feature is the mass payment functionality which many must have been secretly wishing for. We are certain you will also be delighted to hear that the new ECOMMVERSE has been expanded to include a ‘dealer room’, where you can request dealer rates through the new interface, anytime, anywhere. Finally, the new system grants you clearer and more transparent control of all your transactions.

Seamless transition
Needless to say, ECOMMBX has gone to great lengths to ensure a secure and seamless transition to the new ECOMMVERSE, with zero disruption to its customers’ business operations. A few easy steps for maximum security will carry you over the threshold:

As per the simple instructions that will be sent to all our customers, the one-time registration will prompt you to reset your password. Payroll and mass payment templates will also have to be adjusted for future reference. That’s it! 

Nevertheless, and to allow for the unexpected, customers can rest assured that their dedicated account manager and the ECOMMBX customer support team are always available around the clock, to respond to any questions, provide immediate assistance, or record and address any irregularities. 

We are certain that this shift to the next level of digital transformation will soon have you wondering how you ever lived without it!

Customer Service Unit: +35722270349
Note to customers: In the unlikely event that you notice any discrepancies, please advise your dedicated account manager so we can address the issue.

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